Save $1,000’s in Costly Downtime


A leaking or damaged pipe could shut down your entire operation, costing you $1,000's in unscheduled downtime.

Rapp-it provides you with a trusty solution: a fast-acting, temporary, emergency pipe repair.


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  • Shut down pipes or hoses. Clean and roughen the damaged area. Apply nitrile gloves (included).
  • Twist and knead Rapp-it Steel Putty until it is a uniform grey colour, and apply firmly to damaged area.
  • Then, simply immerse the Rapp-it Bandage in water for 10 seconds, and apply by wrapping around the damaged area - no mixing or measuring required.
  • Rapp-it sets rock hard in 30 minutes, and can even be applied under water.
Rappit 6 application

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